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  1. Hemi-Cammer

    New race track gets approval in the Okanagan

    Not sure but it looks like just a road course no drag strip?
  2. Hemi-Cammer

    Car storage

    Delete I don't see a button anywhere that lets me delete my own post, so I edited it to this instead :car:
  3. Hemi-Cammer

    Original Dealerr Stickers...

    So the decision has been made and the AMX is going to be the original color after all. Soooo, in light of that I would LOVE to find an original dealer sticker to put in place of the old one. I realize its a pretty tall order, but my search has begun. The dealership was called "Jim's Service Ltd...
  4. Hemi-Cammer

    AMC, the mystery continues...

    So I've got my AMX on the hoist and its time to do the brakes.. if I'm going to be working on the darn thing it should be able to stop when I need it to! It came with the 4 piston calipers which are about $500 new for the pair (ouch!) and I would like to replace them with the 71-74 single piston...
  5. Hemi-Cammer

    Lethbridge car show July 13/14... Good show! Was anyone else there?

    Just got back from our annual trip to the Lethbridge car show(s). Mopars on Saturday plus the 100 foot dash which is pretty fun, then open to all show on sunday. Lots of cruising both Friday and Saturday nights and LOTS of cars. Not as wild as it used to be before they combined both shows to one...
  6. Hemi-Cammer

    Fernie Wrecker squashing everything and closing down

    I'm a bit late posting this but who knows there might be something left. Bill in Hosmer has had "Outta Town Auto Town" for a long time but is cleaning up for good. There was a lot of vehicles, mostly newer, and tons of good parts in the buildings. Just thought i'd spread the word.
  7. Hemi-Cammer

    Amx 390

    So after years of rumors about 13:1 compression, huge cam, .060 over and on and on... we find: .030 overbore with what might be 401 (lower compression) flat top pistons Basically stock or slightly more than stock cam 1968/69 Heads, which are outflowed by the 1970+ heads by 20-50% from what i've...
  8. Hemi-Cammer

    Cleaning up in 2013

    Many of you may know already that this is the year i'll be cleaning up the Yahk yard. There are a bunch of junkers there this is true but there are quite a few that are good parts cars still and i don't want to see them end up in the machine when that time comes. As of April, I will be offering...
  9. Hemi-Cammer

    Vanderhoof MOPAR yard to be crushed!

    CRUSHER ALERT! Theres a yard in Vanderhoof scheduled to be squashed and its right full of MOPARS and more. Probably two dozen 1st and 2nd gen. barracudas, plus darts, valiants, dusters, demons and many many more. If theres any way to save them, please do! The word is the crusher is giving him...
  10. Hemi-Cammer

    Either left them there or brought them home

    Heres a few more to add to the collection for now.. An early 90s? 4runner - no engine or trans a 79-ish Granada - no engine or trans a 70s? Eagle - 258 six cylinder automatic and a 75 Chevy truck - 350 automatic
  11. Hemi-Cammer

    Either left them there or brought them home

    Here's yesterday's big score... and i mean BIG because they never made too many 2drs bigger than this one. '77 New Yorker Brougham with a pretty clean body and a big block of course.
  12. Hemi-Cammer

    Either left them there or brought them home

    Some more for this thread, its been a while. Fig finally let go of his lawn ornament of 24 years, a 39/40 Chevy 2 ton which is an original Erickson orchard truck. It says "E. Cartwright" and "Erickson" below on the door. Next is one of a few 87-91 Ford parts trucks Also is a 59 Galaxie base...
  13. Hemi-Cammer

    51 Years in the hobby, selling parts collection

    I recieved this in an email regarding Vic Porchers' parts hoarde. For those who don't know, he is the tech guy and i believe was the president of the Okanagan Mopars car club for a while. Im willing to bet there are some very interesting items in his collection, but from past experience i wasn't...
  14. Hemi-Cammer

    Maybe i'm crazy! But I don't care haha!

    OK so, the first thread in this section is an unbelievable one. I do not expect to accomplish what i'm about to say but who cares! I'm gonna give it a go.. here it is: I'm gettin hitched in late September 2011 and as a car guy, classic cars are going to be incorporated into the wedding...
  15. Hemi-Cammer

    Either left them there or brought them home

    The last time this forum was up i hogged one whole thread to myself. It was loaded with pictures of the cars i find and the ones i haul home. However, if you want to post a picture with the same things in common then giver! You dont have to say where they are if you dont want to, everyone has...