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  1. Bob

    test post

    90 degree speedometer adapter, click here
  2. Bob

    Gearheads at Cull's

    Thursday, December 5, Gear Heads will be at Cull's shop. No Gear Heads on January 2!
  3. Bob

    Balancing an Unbalanced Engine

    Here is an interesting program which I just ran across! You will still need a gram scale and a jig to end weigh connecting rods, but for a street rebuild or mild performance engine, you can use it to find the best mix and match balance for a set...
  4. Bob

    SBC 400

    This listing has been removed and is no longer available for viewing.
  5. Bob

    Estate Sale, Oct 10

    Roy & Lelia Nickerson Estate Auction, Kingston, Idaho. Lots of cars, Click Here!
  6. Bob

    November Gear Heads

    November GearHeads will be at Ed Whipple's Creston Brake and Muffler. Behind MW Millworks on Alice Siding. Here on Google Maps
  7. Bob

    October Gearhead's

    October, 3, Thursday, will be at John Romney's, about 4456 Samuelson Rd., here on Google Maps.
  8. Bob

    Porthill Car Show! SATURDAY!!!

    It was a great time! A highlight was the pizza eating contest with a $500.00 prize, check out the size of the pizzas! t
  9. Bob

    Porthill Car Show! SATURDAY!!!

    Porthill is on this weekend! Saturday, Sept. 21!
  10. Bob

    Home Bar Swapmeet, Sept. 28

  11. Bob

    Inland Northwest Buick Car Show, Sept. 21

  12. Bob

    Sept 14, Waneta Old Wheels Swap Meet

  13. Bob

    September 5 GearHeads

    September GearHeads will be at Byron Wiebe's at 7:00pm Thursday, September 5. He is located at the end of my road. When you turn off the Goat River Rd. to 15th Ave, he is the first place on the right. Blue shop behind the blue house. Google Maps See you there!
  14. Bob

    Cruise Night

    I guess that makes the next one tomorrow! (August 21)
  15. Bob

    9th Creston Valley Swapmeet!

    WOW!!! Only three more days!
  16. Bob

    9th Creston Valley Swapmeet!

  17. Bob

    August 1 GearHeads

    This one will be at George Green's at 7:00 on Thursday August 1. 1901 Leaning Tree Rd., end of the road on the right. Just south of the airport,-116.4943208,342m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en
  18. Bob

    July GearHeads!

    Woops, I guess I didn't get a location for GearHeads:( Hopefully next month...
  19. Bob

    16th Annual BOP Show, Calgary, June 16th, 2019

    16th Annual BOP Show, Calgary, June 16th, 2019
  20. Race car

    Review by 'Bob' on item 'Race car'

    Catches your eye where ever it sits!