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  1. Challenger340

    Machine Shop Services Offered

    What we do in house.... * Boring & Honing on SUNNEN Cylinder King, T/Plates for ALL Domestic North American V8's, SB/LS & BB to 4.600", SBF & BBF to 4.600", SB & BB/HEMI Mopar to 4.560", Pontiac, Olds. * Block Line Honing on SUNNEN CH100 * Block Cylinder Wall Sonic Testing on Stresstell. * Block...
  2. Challenger340

    Treit/Davenport fastest ever in Australia

    These guys are the Sh*t ! Kudo's to Marlo Treit and Les Davenport. The "Target 550" Crew loaded C-Cans, Crates, everything, and shipped all the way to Australia to run Land Speed at Lake Gairdner, where Les Davenport drove 40 mph faster than anyone in history has ever gone there...
  3. Challenger340

    I Don't Understand the Point?

    Yep, too funny ! Same as guys falling for the BIG NUMBER on a FlowBench ? NOT realizing the BIG number(usually at peak lift), can mean squat ! because, the Camshaft only goes "there" ONCE ...... but spends time on the way "up" and "down" at lower lifts TWICE ! The AVERAGE and mid-lifts...
  4. Challenger340

    SuperFlow SF750 FlowBench W/FlowCom

    From beautiful downtown Jaffray(Cranbrook) Our new SuperFlow SF750 W/Flowcom and P.T. software interface. I really like this new Bench, just so much more sensitive to even small changes in the Head /Port / Valve Seat Angles than our old Bench. and, It takes ALL the guesswork out of Camshaft...
  5. Challenger340

    Shop Pics

    Just purchased a new Superflow SF750 Flowbench W/Flowcom, Brzezinski Fixtures, Pitots/Swirl and related Software,(nice for designing Camshaft profiles for custom grinds with my CamPro). Once up and running I'll post more photos. meanwhile..... a few of the shop and what we do...
  6. Challenger340

    Found this and brought it home.

    The Gal's hubby passed 6 years ago apparently, and I guess she figured it was now "time" to let it go ? So, I brought it home for less than.... the new "side X side" I was eyeballing ? although, I don't think this is any good in the Bush ? 1969 Dodge Charger R/T SE....Un-Restored...all...
  7. Challenger340

    Stock 1969 383 magnum Blueprint Rebuild.

    Here a fun little Engine, nothing radical and inexpensive, just a "resto" style 383 Magnum build using the Jobber Engine Kit, that's right, stock cast Pistons(cheapies), only things added were; * ARP Rod Bolts * Rocker Arms * 274H Comp Hydraulic Cam * Torker Intake & 750 Holley * Stock Valves...
  8. Challenger340

    451 Mopar, Pump Gas, Flat Tappet Cam, Eddy Heads

    I'll put up a few Dyno Sheets here from time to time, more just for what "can" be done in the way of real "street" type Engine Combos, given this is more a street car type forum. If anybody wishes Drag "Competition" Race Fuel / Alcvohol style builds ? not a problem just ask, We can put those up...
  9. Challenger340

    Amx 390

    Nothing wrong with the "Nash's", they will make very good power when done properly, however, I would suggest they are NOT just a "run of the mill" machining endeavor, and DO have their own quirks, likes and dislikes, especially if you intend on driving it like you are mad at it occassionally...
  10. Challenger340

    572 HEMI 900+hp on Pump Gas

    NOTHING wrong with an AMC...I like the "nash" thing...and they make pretty darn good power as well ! Here's one we did this past spring....570HP and 532 Ft/Lbs We offset ground the 401 Crank to make it a 425 incher just for shiats & giggles. Really nice little street Engine that kinda leaves...
  11. Challenger340

    572 HEMI 900+hp on Pump Gas

    Pretty darn DEAD around here ???.....too early for the winter blues just yet fellas ! This outa fight off the doldrums..... Nice little 92 Octane Street HEMI we did last Month, all carbs, no adders. Only hard part was getting a soft enough Roller Cam Profile to live on the Street for a while...
  12. Challenger340

    Dyno Sheets ?

    Just curious ? Might be kind of a neat thread ? Post up your Dyno Sheets and Combo's ? I'll post a few too..... might help somebody contemplating what to buy, or conversely NOT to do ?
  13. Challenger340

    Engine Services Offered

    Complete Engine Block & Cylinder Head Machine Pkgs available. Boring & Honing - Sunnen CK10 Align Honing Mains - Sunnen CH100 Align Boring Mains - Sunnen Rod Re-Sizing & Pin-Fitting/Bushing - Sunnen Block Milling & Resurfacing - Storm Vulcan Blockmaster Aluminum Head Re-Surfacing to 40Ra...
  14. Challenger340

    Parts Line Card

    We are Direct Sales with Keystone, and Motorstate Distributing, which means usually competetitve pricing with Jegs or Summit, the DIFFERENCE being, we declare our own Brokerage to Canada which saves you money ! (No more of the UPS "Rump-Ranger" routine to Canada) 1-4 Business Days ground...
  15. Challenger340

    49 Ford W/ 2 Flatheads

    Neighbor has a 4 dr 1949 Ford in his yard he wants to get rid of. Spare Flathead in the trunk. Don't think he wants much for it if anybodys interested, phone Marty 250 423 8731
  16. Challenger340

    First !

    Sorry to dis-appoint anybody, don't got nuthin intelligent to say, just wanted to be first ? GMC- Gotta Mechanic Coming Pontiac- Poor Old N***** Thinks Its A Cadillac GTO- Get Tools Out FORD- "too numerous to list" ? however, they did "circle" the problem ? DODGE- Dirty Old Darn Garbage Engine