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  1. rksdyno

    Swap Meet in Puyallup

    Any body going from around here going? The early bird swap meet is this coming weekend and the Corvette and high performance swap meet is the following weekend
  2. rksdyno

    Front Licence plates in B.C.

    Anybody interested in signing a petition against the front license plate law in B.C. Here is a link to check out
  3. rksdyno

    October Gearhead at Ricks

    I will host Gearhead nite in October ,, Pass:3gears: the word around
  4. rksdyno

    May special Pertronix

    Gm Pertronix Ignitor points conversion #1181 Summit price $84.95 My price $77.95:finishflag Installation and distributor recurve available
  5. rksdyno

    May special Quick fuel carb

    Quick fuel 600 or 750 CFM carb. Vacuum secondary's,electric choke. very adjustable. New $295.00 :finishflag:
  6. rksdyno

    Call me 4 stuff

    Authorized dealer for Vintage air, American Autowire, TTI exhaust. Also decent pricing on Dakota Digital Procomp Electronics and many other products 250 428 6659 Rick :3gears::finishflag:
  7. rksdyno

    American Autowire highway 22

    In Stock.. 22 circuit wiring harness. Nice kit, comes with new switches $409.00 plus tax :finishflag:
  8. rksdyno

    Gearhead Night Jan 12

    Thursday nite it is..:D
  9. rksdyno

    Gearhead nite next week!!!

    Gearhead nite moved to next week. Stay tuned
  10. rksdyno

    Important re Gearheads

    May need a back up location for Jan gearheads. I may have to be in Calgary for a funeral service on Friday. Will know for sure by Wednesday afternoon In the mean time I will try to find a alternate place. If anybody can do it let me know...
  11. rksdyno

    American Autowire dealer

    Rks Dyno now is a Dealer for American autowire products. Check out website or drop by To look at product or catalog:hurray:
  12. rksdyno

    Vintage air authorized dealer

    Now a dealer for Vintage Air Products
  13. rksdyno

    Motorhead night Sept 1

    Time to get the ball rolling. Sept gearhead night at Rick Kanski's place:)
  14. rksdyno

    Looking for anyone wrecking 89 92 gm 4x4

    Need parts :D Transfer case and 700r4
  15. rksdyno

    IHC scout ????

    Does anyone know anyone with a 70's Ihc scout in any condition?? I need to find one to take some measurements for a upcoming project
  16. rksdyno

    Vintage Air Conditioning

    Hey Guy's and Gals, Am putting together a order for some Vintage air products. Met with the guy's at Vintage Air when I went to SEMA and Am setting up as a distributor for their product line.. They have a great line of stuff. Check out the website Give me a call or drop by to look...