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  1. Hadafew

    Happy Holidays

    Merry Christmas And Happy New Year !
  2. Hadafew

    Hows things in Creston ....seems quiet Hope you fellas had a good summer!
  3. Hadafew

    2014 pro winter warmup

    For those that don't know has live coverage and live recorded video for Friday Saturday Sunday 2014 pro winter warm up . Click link below ...for this link recording of today I jumped to 21 min in before get some action .
  4. Hadafew

    Big Cam Idle

    Cant beat the sound of big cam Hemi . Check out more at link
  5. Hadafew

    Merry Christmas

    Wish you fellas and your family's a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !
  6. Hadafew

    Good Tune

    Good Tune Nice Coupe
  7. Hadafew

    94 octane

    I searched and found know Chevron in Creston . Is there any Gas Station in Creston that has 94 Octane ? Or must import from Cranbrook ? just curious . Thanks ....Bob
  8. Hadafew


    Hello Fellas my wife and I are looking to move to the Creston Area . I am very happy to see there is a car scene in Creston . Checked out the garage and your rides VERY NICE ! Looking forward to meets and cruise's My ride is 63 Nova 355 4spd