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  1. Polara Pat

    Cactus Jalopies

    Anyone heading over to Osoyoos for the Jalopies weekend June 7-9? We're planning on heading out Friday afternoon in a couple of fresh wagons, anyone coming from the East should hook up with us so we can cruise over together. We'll probably camp at the Inkmp (sp??) campground but there's lots of...
  2. Polara Pat

    Why We Do This

    Many of you may have heard the news about the devastating fire at Babe's automotive in South Slocan this Summer. Well Chris Carlson is not only one of my best pals but he is also the partner and crew chief of Wagons of Steel North and we buy and build many cars together as a side line. The fire...
  3. Polara Pat

    Devastating Fire

    Our good friend and crew chief Chris Carlson's shop burned down the other day destroying his livelihood and many beautiful cars from our collection. To start things off I will say that no one was hurt during the incident and the fire was caused by an accidental slash of a late model fuel tank...