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  • Fred,
    Go to , then look down the right side of the page to find "Make This Site Your Home Page... " and click on the "Click Here" button. It should bring up a window asking you if you would like to make it your homepage, click yes.

    If that doesn't work, I can give you other instructions, but that is the easiest!

    That is because we had a hick-up and had to backup...

    I may not have seen them, do you know what they were?
    I found this in another forum admin settings access to allow users to use Avatars

    2. This is a usergroup setting:

    Admin CP -> Usergroups -> Usergroup Manager -> Edit Usergroup -> Can Upload Custom Avatars -> Yes
    There is a edit tab but not a add tab. am I missing something? please help
    I edited the cvc club page to have 2 links to

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