1979 Chrysler 300


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Just what I needed ANOTHER car in the yard to make my wife happy! I received a call from my son about this running/driving 300 letting me know that if I didn't buy it now for a $100.00, not just now, but Right Now, it was going to the crusher the next day!
So what's a 1979 Chrysler 300 I hear you ask? It's a one year only, 4292 built, limited edition and at that time, last of the Mopar muscle cars. Special engine, special tranny, special suspension with interior and exterior trim packages.
So now it sits in my yard where all weird and wonderful autos in the Nelson eventually seem to find their way. It shares a B body platform with the Cordoba and the St. Regis I think and some stuff interchanges from around 1976? - 1980? so I am told. Because there were only 4292 built direct interchange is fairly limited. If by chance anyone knows of a wrecked one sitting along a fence line in a back yard please let me know or of a Codoba/ St. Regis of that vintage.
I will either need misc parts or a new place to live, not sure which will happen first!
Wish me luck.


Does it have the E58 engine option? That would be the high output/ police engine......good stuff......years back I had a '79 Dodge Aspen Sport Wagon with that option.....blew alot of minds along the way...I can decode the fender tag (s) if you want....