51 Years in the hobby, selling parts collection


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I recieved this in an email regarding Vic Porchers' parts hoarde. For those who don't know, he is the tech guy and i believe was the president of the Okanagan Mopars car club for a while. Im willing to bet there are some very interesting items in his collection, but from past experience i wasn't able to justify spending what he was offering. I'd love to see a canadian get his stuff so it might still be available to us in the future but you know how that goes... Good luck!


I have an inventory of thousands of Mopar parts collected over my 51 years in the Mopar hobby. Sadly, I am losing my storage facility and therefore everything must go. There are way too many parts to list, but they range from complete 440 engines down to clock adjusting knobs. Mirrors, power window motors, seat belts, emblems, transmissions, differentials, motor mount brackets, air cleaners, fenders, doors, trunk lids, glass, manifolds, moldings, heater boxes, seats, clips, knobs, radios, engine parts, etc. Some new and NOS parts.
I will make a very attractive deal with the first person to offer to take it all. The parts are located in Vernon and Armstrong, BC.

Vic Porcher
alot of that kind of stuff is getting rarer, and very hard to find for those looking ?

I recently did the same thing with alot of stuff I had been "saving" for decades.
Just life as a Guy gets Older, it was time to let it go, so I dispatched as much as I could to "good homes" for free.
That said,
I can't blame Vic for trying to get whatever Financial Benefit out of his stuff ?