54 chevy at peskers


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the buick guy says he is not concerned where it goes, as long as it does not get trashed. but if it is not gone very soon, he will save it.... is it gone yet?


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Still there! checked it out yesterday.

The good.
Not rusty.
90'ish% complete.
NOT going to be crushed by Orest. (Though the crusher is coming next weekend he says.)
Out of harms way on top of another car.

The bad.
Tree fell across the roof causing a small dent.
Missing grill? headlight rings, etc
rear pass door damage.
kind of ugly. :)

The price is right if someone wants to bring it home.


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Well the crusher is scheduled to be there today and i couldnt let that happen, so we struck a deal and i hauled it home. At least i might be able to find a new home for it or parts from it now, if anyone knows someone who's interested... its cheap!