Acquire an iPad 2 Gold History Edition for just $8 million


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The Christmas season is here, meaning that it is time to start buying for the hard-to-please gadget followers in your life. Designer Stuart Hughes has an incredible new iPad 2 for you. For just $8 million, get an iPad with gold, diamonds and dinosaur bone!

Get an iPad 2 Gold History Edition for just $8 million

An iPad that is old

This combination can't be discovered anywhere, Stuart Hughes explains, with the gold, diamond and theropod dinosaur on it. What is it that places this boutique iPad 2 - called the iPad 2 Gold History Edition - head and shoulders above other boutique, Paris Hiltonesque iPads? There is 24-karat gold that can be discovered on the back of Stuart Hughes’ iPad 2. The Apple logo is encrusted with 52 diamonds. That amounts to major bling, but is also not unique.

The front of the unit is what makes this Stuart Hughes iPad 2 so costly. This iPad is not standard white or black on the non-touchscreen portion. In fact, it is made from 75 million year old ammolite rock from the Cretaceous period. Within the rock is yet another prehistoric treasure, particles from the hipbone of a 65-million-year-old Tyrannosaurus rex. Even if the contents of the iPad are very old, there's a marbleized pattern that Stuart Hughes loves.

The cherry on this decadent iPad 2 sundae is the home button, which sports an 8.5 karat diamond inlaid in platinum and surrounded in a circle by 12 smaller diamonds.

Do you would like one?

How much will 2,000 grams of 24 karat gold, 750 grams of ammolite stone, 57 grams of T. rex bone, 16.5 carats of little diamonds and a single 8.5 carat diamond set you back? You'll pay $8 million for it. You can obtain it now. The Stuart Hughes site has it listed. You are able to set pay $4,800 instead with crystals rather than diamonds and no prehistoric elements if that costs too much.

How much gold can be used?

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