Anybody going to Spring Fling in California??? I have a small favour to ask....


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If anybody is heading to Spring Fling, would you be willing to pick up and bring something back for me?

A fellow AMC'er is giving away, yes - giving away a 3-speed transmission with the add-on Laycock-deNormanville Overdrive unit. He's a little hesitant to want to ship it, and I'm worried on how much that will cost. So, if you have room on the way back and are willing to pick it up and drag it home; not only will I be eternally grateful I'd be willing to compensate you with beer, borscht, money, 8-tracks.... or whatever! (Plus whatever they ding you for at the border, I'll pay you back for that as well.)

Would anybody be willing to do this?? Please let me know! :hurray: