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Barrett Jackson (Scottsdale)
Jan 17 to the 23rd


Wow...some good deals on the first day, but it is for sure a "Chevy" show.....if I see another '48-'54 Chev pickup. I will vom.........even the under car "chassis cam" is sponsered by GM.......oh well...I will watch again tonight......


Don't worry Duff, there are a whump of mopars there, most likely showing up Friday.

We spent all day at the auction and Dot and I walked for hours - then we found out that you can rent golf carts.....
All in all I'm glad we went.


Not a single Beaumont in the place. A nice 67 L79 Nova that started life in Canada, according to the build sheet.
They do list the price on the auction screen in US$, then Canadian and also Euro - not sure if that's on the tv part or not - we don't get to watch it back in the rv so will have to wait for summer re-runs.