Creston Demolition Derby


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Its that time of year again.

The Creston Demolition Derby. May 22.
Hwy3 15km east of Creston.

$1500 1st place prize.
Contact Blaine 250 428 0782


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Competitor Rules :
Items you must do to your car.

Remove all glass, plastic ornaments, lights and bulbs. Car MUST be clean of loose objects and glass. Chrome side trims and hubcaps must be removed.
Remove all flammable upholstery including the dash, except for the drivers seat.*
Drivers door must be reinforced.*Steel*side bar recommended.
All doors must be securely fastened shut. Bolts holding bars to car must go through entire door or fender, not just outer skin. Any good size washer is allowed. Bolts must not extrude beyond bars within reason. Door bar can only extend maximum of 8 inches ahead or behind fender/door seam.
Hoods, tailgates, doors and trunk lids must be held down, in a maximum of 6 places ( not including the hinges ) and are to be a minimum 6 inches apart.
a. Hood hold down bolts cannot be installed in front of the radiator or directly to the bumper.
b. All hoods must have holes on each side of the carburetor for fire extinguisher accessibility. No more than eight bolts to re-attach hood panels/bracing.

You must have a suitable air cleaner on your air/fuel intake system. *
You must remove your gas tank and replace it with a jerry can or boat tank (with a maximum of five gallon capacity) in the back seat area of the car, and securely fasten it to the floor.*Plastic tanks are not recommended.
Battery must be re-located to the floor on the front passenger side of the car. It must be secured and must be covered with a floor mat. Maximum of two batteries per car.*
Electric switches must be uniformed, up or forward for on, down or backward for off.
All hot fluid lines in the drivers compartment must be covered.
Remove anti-freeze. Only water is allowed.
All cars must have mud flaps mounted right behind the rear wheels.

*Optional Items: *Anything covered here is up to you. Not mandatory, but allowed.
Wheel wells and bumpers may be trimmed, and folded back and rebolted/welded to itself. Maximum 8 bolts per wheel opening.
Motor and transmission mounts may be strengthened and rear end locked.*No additional solid mounts. Chains are not solid mounts.
Bumpers maybe be welded to the bracket and the bracket to the frame. You may also weld the shocks on the bumper.*
a. Maximum two welds per bracket to frame, six inches long each.. -- Modified Jan 22. 2011--
b. Bumper swaps are okay from car to car.*

A cross brace is strongly recommended and should be used in place of the dash and behind the seat.
a. The rear cross bar must be mounted side to side, and not to the frame. *
Fire walls can be hammered back or cut away to allow for distributor clearance.*
Drive shafts may be welded.
Passenger door bar allowed, must follow same rules as drivers bar.
Rear coil springs may tacked/chained.
a. You can not chain your differential to your body or frame.
Replacing your rag joint on the steering column shaft with a u-joint is allowed.
Drivers door having a screen/mesh over the window opening. Not mandatory, but VERY recommended. Must sign stand alone release form if not using screens.
Sedans may use four solid connections to the frame ( two on the hood and two on the trunk.)
c. Station Wagons can add two rear body mounts with all-thread and also may use two solid connections in the front.

Body mount bolts may be replaced with 5/8" material, and a Maximum 2" washer may be used. -- Added Jan 22. 2011 --

Rear end swaps are okay.
a. Maximum upgrade, single wheel 1 ton, semi or full floater.

Rear suspension swaps are allowed from car to car.
a. Suspension must remain stock just as it came from the donor vehicle. No custom built leaf packs.
b. Suspension must still flex.

Engine swaps.
a. Engine and transmission must be placed as close to stock location as possible or near centered in the engine compartment.

Pre-derbied cars can have frame repairs.
a. Material no stronger than original maybe be used.
b. 2in x3in plate is the maximum size for repair pieces.
c. All frame repairs must be painted with bright neon paint.

*Items you must NOT do to your car. *
No trailer hitches are permitted; remove its frame and all components.
There is absolutely no welding to the frame unless to repair frame from damage, with exception of bumper brackets. Absolutely no reinforcing of frame will be tolerated.*
No water coolant systems allowed in the car, leave it in the stock location or remove. *
All tires must be D.O.T approved. No industrial or sand tires allowed. Only inner tubes and air allowed in tires. No split rims.
Exhaust: do not remove manifolds; muffler and tail pipe may be cut off. Headers through hood are acceptable. *
No reinforcing of steering system allowed.*
Nothing other than pump gasoline or diesel will be allowed. No additional starting fluid will be allowed.
*A transmission cooler cannot be mounted on the outside of the vehicle.
No more than four added leaf spring clamps per spring.

*Safety Rules*
1. Entries are open to men and women 16 years or older (under 19 must be signed for by parent at tech gate unless other arrangements have been made.)
*2. All drivers must wear approved helmets and safety glasses or goggles. Seat belts must be worn at all times. Shoulder belt recommended.
*3. Drivers are advised to pad their steering wheel centers and drivers door.
*4. Drivers must remain inside vehicle during race and also keep head and arms inside vehicle at all times. One exception is fire.*
5. Clothing- long sleeve shirt, jacket, and long legged pants or coveralls are mandatory. Fire suits are strongly recommended.
6. Maximum of 4 pit crew including driver allowed in pits at any given time.
7. Maximum bumper height is 20in at the bottom of your bumper.

Derby Rules*
1. Anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs will asked to leave.*
2. Intentional hits on the driver side door will result in automatic disqualification at judge’s discretion. *
3. When a vehicle becomes disabled or timed out drivers must remove their flag. Once flag has been removed, vehicle is out for the remainder of the heat. If you hit a vehicle with a flag down, you will be disqualified at judge’s discretion. *
5. A horn will indicate start, finish, and also emergency stops.*
6. There is a 90 second rule in place. Drivers must start your stalled vehicle and make a hit within this time frame or you will be disqualified. *
7. Last aggressive hit will win the heat (judge’s discretion) *
8. All vehicles must be inspected for safety, prior to the start of the derby. All cars winning their heat may be inspected for reinforcement. If any found the car is disqualified and the second place car will move into the first place position. *
10. If a rule is not covered here, this does not mean it is legal. Contact the tech committee listed below if you have any questions.
11. No Imperials or Imperial Sub-frames, Limos over 155" wheelbase on standard frames, Hearses or Ambulances.
12. One fire allowed per vehicle, two fires and you're out.
13. Max all-thread size is 1.25".

Contact information
*Between the hours of 9:00am – 9:00pm
Steve Gregr (Safety Inspector) 250-428-8889


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With one exception, the door bar rule has been changed back to "the door bars must remain between the wheel wells". 5 more days to go!