it was my sugestion


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well I asked for this so I may as well be the first to post here.

I'm Beaumont Marc, I own 2 68 Beaumont's (Betsy & Lucy) and 1 68 Ford F100 (aka the Hillbilly Hot-Rod)

I dare everyone to post here


Moderator's all your fault Marc.... Chrycoman is my name, AKA Duffy, Duffman, Duffco, among my handle states, I love Chrysler products...lets see....I own a 1966 Dodge D-100 Custom Sports Special, a 1962 Plymouth Fury, a 1949 Fargo panel truck,a 1969 Polara wagon (might be sold?), a 1993 Dodge W350 Cummins (trailer puller), a 1981 W250 ( backup truck), a 1997 Dodge Dakota with a pile of Km's ( ask me) and one lone GM product... a 1984 Caddy Hearse. Oh ya, and a 2004 FatBoy...not me, a motorcycle...;):cool:


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I'm Paul (aka:________ depending who you talk to!), i have a lot of cars but the keepers (at least for now) are:​

68 Barracuda 440-4spd ----------------- (will be 426W 4spd one day)
68 Mustang FB 390GT auto ------------- (considering going 4spd)
70 Torino GT FB 351C auto ------------- (might go 429 instead)
70 AMX 390-4spd Go Package ---------- (currently restoring)
66 Falcon Futura Sport Coupe 289 4spd (currently restoring)
66 Fairlane GT ------------------------- (may never get done? hoping for 428-4spd)
68 LeMans Convertible 350 auto (street driver resto, for sale)
78 F150 4x4 4" BDS lift, slot mags, 35" boggers, 351C/AOD/208 - (might go 460)
79 F350 Supercab 4x4 429 auto, Weld wheels, 33" tires. (Produced one year only)
76 F150 2wd (my first truck @ 18yrs old in '93, was a 390 auto, then 460 then 289 then 302... next?)
85 Honda V65 Magna 1100cc street bike

Also have:

93 Dodge 1ton dually 4x4 Cummins 5spd (Trailer puller)
78 Mercury Marquis 460 auto (97,000km survivor)
70 Lincoln 2dr 460 auto (engine donor)
64 Ford Custom 2dr sedan 223 auto (parts / project)
67 Ford Falcon 4dr (parts)
68 Ford Fairlane 2dr FB (parts / donor)
68 Ford Falcon 2dr and 4dr Wagon (parts)
70 Torino and Fairlane 2dr hardtops 302 auto (parts / donor)
77 F150 4x4 SWB (project)

64 Buick Special 4dr sedan 300 auto (parts / donor)

65 Chrysler Imperial 4dr HT 413 auto (parts)
66 Plymouth Satellite 2dr convertible (project, for sale)

Plus a few more interesting vehicles and parts, some 80s and 90s junk and lots more other junk for parts and crush weight. Sorry about the big list, its almost 1:30am maybe i'll go to bed :)
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And I thought I had alot of stuff!

I'm Colin from Kimberley. I've know paul for probly 10 years now? First thing he said to me was....well I dunno he was yellin at me though! Since then I've let him be my friend :)

Anyways here's what I've got:

84 Mustang GT 358W 5spd 8.8. Tubular K-Member and coilovers. 5lug conversion and 4 wheel discs.
81 Mercury Capri RS. Inline 6 auto. 5.0 5spd project
87 Jeep Wagoneer (wood panelling!) 5" of lift, winch and 33's
99 Jeep Cherokee 2dr. A woman rolled it, I'm putting it back together. Got it CHEAP
98 Jeep Cherokee 2dr. 3" of lift and 31's. Daily Driver
97 Jeep TJ Sport. 4" of lift and 33's. Girlfriend's Jeep!
96 F150 4x4. 351W Auto. Dual Flowmaster super 40's. Cats went missing too :) Daily Driver. 333,000 kms.

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Fred Smailes aka alot of swear words,,,,,,,,,, FORDS RULE!! there now ya got an excuse!
Have a 64 Comet that we've owned for 37 years, a present powered by a SC V6 5speed
Started a Model A in'05 but haven't touched it since I moved out here. Hve a warmed over
'71 351C toploader 4 speed under the bench fo it if I ever get there. Won't be a ratrod
but more based on the old school hot rod. Moved here in '06 ,love the valley but a little
challenged by the conservative hide in the bushes never drive'em car culture.


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Hi, I'm Jerrod. I've been through several vehicles in the nearer years ('85 Jeep Cherokee, '88 IROC-Z Camaro, '84 Buick Regal, and probably more...). Right now I have a 1987 El Camino SS and a 1993 Lincoln Mark VIII. Both are clean, fun drivers, and they go pretty good. I am kind of partial to certain late models (somebody's gotta like 'em) and I am a member of the Creston Cruisers.
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Hey guys. Jesse, jess, J, Batke, Badke, Backy, big guy, hey you, and various other names will probably get my attention. a big fan of all sorts of motorsports. cars in particular. really diggin the general's work above all else. i currently own a 91 gmc s15, 5 speed, reg cab, short box, with plans for a peppy little mouse to go in between the framerails this spring. Also have a 98 daily driver ex cab 4x4 gmc. I co-own(with my brother), a 67 chevelle malibu(my father owned it since 71), that i'll be campaigning this year. it has a junkyard 350 mystery motor we bought for 500 bucks, and a 700r4 with some valvebody work. it moves and stops and does nasty burnouts! plans this year are suspension, brakes, new tires, and hopefully some reparations to the driver's quarter panel. And lastly, my dream car, my baby, the 87 Buick Grand National. runs high 12's in the quarter with over 400 lb-ft of torque cranking out of the turbocharged and intercooled 3.8 liter 6 cylinder. plans for it are a t-49(or near size) ball bearing turbo, water/alky injection, and a skookum trans rebuild!

Bad Buick GN

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okay you got me... i got it down to 13.1 with a slipping second and third gear. but with it fixed im confident it'll dive into the 12.9's


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Getting any V6 to Run in the 14's is impressive, you're just ahead of the game. Although V6's from chev and ford are running 13's right out of the box now ('11 Mustang V6, 6 speed manual, 3.31 Gear - 13.7 Seconds). I guess performance isn't dead, it's just getting more complicated.

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Leslie Batke here. I have a beautiful 1980 Z28, originally a 350 4 spd car. however it now has a 383 stroker which is no slouch. No other projects on the go as of yet. I co-own a 67 chevelle with my brother, it sat for 20 years until summer 2010 when we got it together enough to insure and drive. first time with insurance since july 87.


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Hey Guys!

Paul C here, out in Salmo. I know a few guys on here, but Ive been without a car for over 5 years. I took my '69 Dodge Super Bee off the road to do a bit of rust repair in the trunk, and it spiraled from there. The car sat in my garage being s*l*o*w*l*y worked on by myself until the fall of 2009 when I decided it was time to take it to a pro. The Bee is now freshly painted (black) and back in my garage being slowly put back together. Its a resto-mod with planned 4 wheel discs, and 17 & 18" forged wheels. Engine (built by myself and my dad) is a 383 w/ Edelbrock heads, 11:1 pistons, solid cam, ceramic coated headers, DP carb, etc. good for 12.70s in Spokane my first time out. I'm hoping to have it out this spring, and it should basically be a brand new car.

For a fun daily driver, I have a 2007 Cadillac CTS w/ 3.6. Not nearly as quick as my Bee, but smooth, silent, and corners much better!


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Well today I am the newest member, Most of you know me as Bill, Billy, IncrediBill, Dickie, Dumby, or Dork. Currently own a 1962 Corvair Van (Corvan). It is completely over the top in the restoration department, which I swear I will never do again. It was intended to be a business vehicle for the summers, and when we lived in the city we were able to throw money at it and try to do it right. Now all the money goes to the business, and the van just sits there waiting for some love. Wife first, kids second, and well van is about priority #10 maybe #9(if I can convince the wife)....
I have had many cool cars over the years here are my favs (all drivers)....
1964 Comet Caliente / 1964 Pontiac Pariessiene / 1967 Chev PU (longbox) / 1972 Nova (283 with 350+ hp) / 1973 Vega (327 V8 car) /1977 Datsun 280z (still my fav.) / 1978 Pontiac Sunbird (I don't know what ever happened to these cars, bad version of the Monza's, but great torquie little cars) / low rider PU's (Sonoma and Mazda) / and then a bunch of newer (1985 and up) crap (sorry Jarod)/ oh yes I love VW...have had a few MK1 and 2 Jettas (don't knock it till you try it!), Got a weird thing for Hondas lately (crap cans with 180hp seems somewhat appealling (NOT appaulling)???
As Duff and I say "Get your Tin in the Wind!"


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I'm back! After a short time away - though I'll bet nobody noticed! :) Darrin from Castlehole.....

Currently rocking:
'70 Gremlin
'73 Javelin "Victory Package"
'74 Hornet hatch Six
'75 Hornet hatch Eight
'04 Tiburon GT/SE V6
My name is Bob Prowse, aka "Challenger340", because thats the Old thing I'm working on as time permits. I live in Jaffray, having Retired here(sort of) back in '08.
I just like OldSchool Musclecars of any Brand, played with lots of them years ago.


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My name is Bob Prowse, aka "Challenger340", because thats the Old thing I'm working on as time permits. I live in Jaffray, having Retired here(sort of) back in '08.
I just like OldSchool Musclecars of any Brand, played with lots of them years ago.
Welcome from another oldschool fan