it was my sugestion


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howdy im kris peltzer, ive got a 67 beaumont 2 door and a 67 beaumont 4 door. i live in crannyhole. i got plans for the 2 door just no time to do them.
howdy im kris peltzer, ive got a 67 beaumont 2 door and a 67 beaumont 4 door. i live in crannyhole. i got plans for the 2 door just no time to do them.
Gotta LUV them Beaumonts & Chevelles, GREAT Lines !

"Everything comes to he who waits"
Take your time, it'll be worth the wait.


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I finally remembered to join your site....with a reminder from Bob......anyways, my name is Stan and I am from Nelson. I have a '28 Ford Coupe.....if it wasn't for the downpour we just had here I would be out cruising somewhere!


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Good evening.
I am Alan running out of Nelson. I like them old, I like them fast and some I like both. The boys and I have 26 & 27 Model T's under restoration. 28 & 29 Model A's we drive sometimes. A 39 Buick thats being hotrodded slowly. A nice original 52 Chevy driver. A 59 Mazda pickup, try finding parts for that one Boys! A 62 Daimler with the Hemi, almost as bad for parts! A decent 65 Pontiac 2dr ht with rust problems around the rear window. (Help please) A 68 AMC Javelin, 70 AMC Rebel Machine R/W/B, 74 AMC Gremlin X, 70 Ford Maverick, 76 Chevy Laguna S3, 84 Pontiac Fiero Pace car, misc other stuff we drive sometimes and a railroad track car. There maybe more but I lose track sometimes. We like drag racing and Speedster endurance racing.


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Good morning my name is Roger, I just moved to the West Kootenays last fall and am living in Fruitvale. I have several projects on the go but the one that takes priority at this time is my 31 Chevy 1 1/2 ton dually. when I first saw it I had grand ideas of a modern chassis under an old body but there was so much there I could not bear the thought of destroying a true survivor. So now I am borderline obsessive compulsive and totally anal about trying to keep everything original or as close to it as possible. Parts are not easy to find so I have had to resort to machining parts (and tools) for the old beast myself. I have no intention of painting it as it took 80 years to get it to look this good. My second car is a numbers matching 1980 Pontiac Ladybird ( Yellow Bird) for those of you who are not sure what that is it's simply a Firebird Esprit model with some factory upgrades to make a ladybird package. We stumbled onto it by accident and yes it is an actual model option that was available from 76 to 80, as it turned out the one we picked up is one of only 500 that came to Canada in 1980 with the same options packages factory installed. It will be a ground up restoration when I get into it. My son has a 1980 Camaro that he bought on his own at age 14 and I spend a lot of time with him making it a daily driver (he gets his license this fall!). I seem to be having issues attaching a picture but I posted one of the beast in the garage.... cheers.....