New billing address added to your Paypal account


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I just received a "PayPal" email entitled:
New billing address added to your Paypal account

When you open the email it looks like someone had added:
[FONT=&quot]37 Agbebi Street
Surulere, 23403
Nigeria [/FONT]

The appropriate titles and wordings are there to make it look genuine, BUT if you click on the link to check these changes it doesn't take you to PayPal!!!

If you click on the link, it will take you to a site that looks like PayPal and asks you to log in. Go ahead and click on the link, then look in the address bar. You will find it takes you to:

Do not log in! This is a typical scam to get your email and password. In a few minutes they can clean your account out.

How to avoid these scams?

Whenever you get an email like these, always check the address bar. Better yet, do not use the link to log into your account. Open a new window and log in as you always do. Regardless, when logging into accounts, it is always a good idea to watch the address bar in your browser!


That is why I hate PayPal....of course it was started and is owned by eBay......if you look at a typical eBay ad, PayPal is the only way to pay....but if you ask the seller if they will accept a money order,they gladly do. It's just that eBay won't "allow" a person to advertise that they will take a money order.....pretty good scam I'd say...


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I don,t have to worry about them cleaning out my account as I am Married so it is too late for them to do any damage.