Pomona Swapmeet


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After spending the day at the swapmeet I was rather disapointed with what I found or what i did not find .the swapmeet is totally 1 sided for Chevy which at 1 time that would of been good except I was looking for dodge products.I would say about 75 percent was chevy parts 10 percent Ford less than 1 percent dodge and the balance misc.Lots of toys,signs antiques.there was a section for strictly volkswagon but I did not go in there.The car show was good to see totally different style of builds,and there again not much for dodge musclecars.If you are building a Chevy car or truck from 47 up your parts were there and lots of it. I personally would not go back and think that Portland is a way better swapmeet and closer.hopefully the Circus that took over part of portland will not mess it up for us.