Shot in the dark...


Just wondering if anyone here is (or knows anyone who is) heading over to the coast or the island soon-ish with an empty trailer on the way back.
Looking at an old van in Nanaimo that may not be in good enough shape to make it all the way back here to the Koots. Also it sounds like it'll be good to drive partway at least if necessary, if somebody knows someone over there who's making the trek back but doesn't want to bus/fly the whole way. (I know that I hate taking the bus, myself)

Figure there's probably not a chance of transporting it over here at a price that'll be worth it, but better to inquire than never know.
Message me... thanks!!


Send me the link for it...I would like to give it a looksee.....
No way duff, you'll steal it.
Just kidding (you better not)
It's Natalie Germann's van:
How good would that look with dragons and sci-fi chicks painted on the side?

Truthfully though, this one would be my 1st choice but i know there's no way I'd get it back here by end of May


Also, WTF is this "moderator" crap? You're my dad's favourite now? Well shit, I knew i dropped down the list when I quit my job and started sleeping in past 9am but i had no idea.....!!


That is a good deal.......and it already has BC reggy.....but the '77 and older ones are way cool...I want a '70 and older van....they are called the A100 series......I can see dragons and warrior women on that Nanaimo rig......