Thank you !


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Thanks for the great weekend. Unfortunately 95% of the people have no idea how much work it takes to pull something like this off. The reason car clubs eventually burn out is that it is usually the same few people doing all the work.

The swap meet had an excellent start. I might be old school but I , for the most part , found things overpriced. Maybe it is just my age that makes me feel better to see things go away than hang out for the big dollar, not sure.

Putting on a weekend is usually a thankless job , so again , thank you.



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I don,t know if my parts were overpriced but on my trailer there was a sign that said "Not all ridiculous offers will be refused " It is exactly what I meant I am usually at a swap meet to get rid of my stuff not take it home.JIM


Yes...not bad for the first for high priced?....about average I far as I know you start high and come's kind of hard to to up from the man's junk is another man's treasure.....I hope it will go next year too......


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Sorry I missed your show...I had to go to Vancouver for meeting.....that work thing seems to get into the way of fun sometimes!!!
Hopefully someone took pics and will post them


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23rd Fall Campout was a hoot. We had a great time. Thanks to all members for their hard work and organizing for us out of towners to enjoy. We made it home safe and sound Monday about sundown.
Stan & Myrna. ........................................