Vanderhoof MOPAR yard to be crushed!


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CRUSHER ALERT! Theres a yard in Vanderhoof scheduled to be squashed and its right full of MOPARS and more. Probably two dozen 1st and 2nd gen. barracudas, plus darts, valiants, dusters, demons and many many more. If theres any way to save them, please do! The word is the crusher is giving him $60/ton so if you can do better than that (thats about $95 for a barracuda) then a deal can be made.

The guy's name is Bob Harris and his cell number is 250 567-1024 but his voicemail is not set up. I havent been able to speak to him yet, and yeah its 18hrs north of Creston but hopefully through the lines of car-munication we will be able to save some of these gems.