Vintage Air Conditioning

Hey Guy's and Gals,

Am putting together a order for some Vintage air products. Met with the guy's at
Vintage Air when I went to SEMA and Am setting up as a distributor for their
product line.. They have a great line of stuff. Check out the website
Give me a call or drop by to look at the catalog. :cool:
250 428 6659


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lost of people looking at this but no comments is anyone interested? I spoke with Ernie and he was going to talk to you about one for his Chevelle
Have 4 or 5 potential units to order so far. would like to have a few more to cut down on the shipping costs.
Would be a good deal for all


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Would you just be an installer or could you also repair A/C stuff? One of my AMC Hornet's has A/C but is non-functional. Would like to get it working.