Whirlwind phone still on!


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As many of you may or may not be aware, I sent out a email on facebook, saying that we were going out of business about the end of Feb. 2013.....I miss my business and I miss being on my own. Sooooooo.......I quit my job yesterday, to well??? re-open my business (I never really got rid of things like my phone number, audio accounts etc...). I was also given a green light to sell accessories from DIX Performance in Edmonton....What does this mean for you (my friends and collegues), if your interested I can price out crate engines (not that anyone would want to do this, Bob builds better engines) to camshafts....I might be cheaper than the guys in the south, and it looks like overnight shipping....Warranty stays local, and if you need to bitch about something not going right you can talk to me....I am not talking about taking business away from anyone, I just want to give one more possible stop for your performance needs, and of course I could install most things (not that anyone on this forum would need that service, but....:) Soooo.....What do you guys think, is this of interest, or should I just stick to audio?