Why We Do This

Polara Pat

New member
Many of you may have heard the news about the devastating fire at Babe's automotive in South Slocan this Summer. Well Chris Carlson is not only one of my best pals but he is also the partner and crew chief of Wagons of Steel North and we buy and build many cars together as a side line. The fire was all consuming and took with it no less than six of our Mopar wagons, a '56 Chevy sedan delivery, '56 GMC 2 ton Duramax project and a few customers cars. The shop was of course insured but most of our cars and rare parts were not. We're all staying very positive and re-focusing our efforts on the few remaining cars left in our inventory. So it came as a complete and total surprise when our friend Jason from Trail stopped by last week with a cheque for $475.00 for our team, courtesy of the now defunct Kootenay Mopars. I know our own Hemi-Cammer was integral in making this process happen as well as a lot of other folks from the general car scene who we have met and become friends with over the years. It makes me realize how tight our gearhead community really is and it humbles me to know that people are looking out for us when we're a bit down on our luck. You guys are all awesome and my shop door is always open to my hot rod bretheren. When in Nelson give us a call 352-6115.

Again, a huge thank you to all of the people involved in helping us out. You are all true, salt of the Earth humans that have some serious good karma coming your way.