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Thanks for the Ebay link. It looks good and i've found a few like this except its a 4 into 1 system and i would like a 4 into 2 like original.
Hi Jim,
Give me call when you can. Did you say you had some old Chevy point distributors to get rid of?
Thanks Rick

How about adding a link to Cruisers web page in the carscene links! Find it in the menubar above!

Go to , then look down the right side of the page to find "Make This Site Your Home Page... " and click on the "Click Here" button. It should bring up a window asking you if you would like to make it your homepage, click yes.

If that doesn't work, I can give you other instructions, but that is the easiest!

i dont think he is going to right now lots on his plate you can call him if you want 428.6191
Hi Marc,
If you talk to Ernie have him give me call about A/C if he is still interested. I want to order soon
Thanks Rick
That is because we had a hick-up and had to backup...

I may not have seen them, do you know what they were?
HI Bob
It seems like the last posts in the forum have disappeared . ???
I see you are on the "Engine Game" thread! Hope you enjoyed it....:)

Just saw this. I am usually logged in as "Bob" . I guess that is what happens when you have too many log ins .

sorry i missed the meeting, working nights i was asleep. anyway I have the new member cards do you want me to get them to you?
we are going to be promoting Carscene at the next CVC meeting Jan 25 I would like it if you could be there.
at the Library meeting room back side door