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Picked up this car in Sept 2014 in Sacramento California from a guy that has become a great friend and did a major the car was already back halfed to become a legal super stock and had been sitting for over 10 years by April 2015 the car had been completed now sporting a round tube 7:50 chassis with strut front end
Powered by a 582 Sunset Head Hunter 1070 hp and close to 900 ft/lb of thorque
Transmission is a Reid Glide with a 1:80 low gear and a 6200 stall 9 in
A Fab 9 equipped with a Strange Ultra carrier with 40 splines axles take care of the back
Hood,trunk lid and pumpers are Fiberglas rest is all steel
Real glass all around
Power windows
Car weights 3200 lbs at the line
Best 1/4 mile ET 8:55 @ 159 mph
Best 1/8 mile ET 5:57 @ 127 mph
Best 60 ft 1:239
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Pros: Beautiful and Fast!
Cons: No plates:)
Catches your eye where ever it sits!

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