23rd Annual Fall Campout and Car Show

fred smailes

New member
I know I'm a bit late, but I'b like to thank all those on the forum that
stopped by and or entered the show this past weekend.
The entire weekend went quite well with fri nite and saturday at Lister park and sunday in town at the Centennial Pk. If you didn't come to Lister pk fri nite this year come next year free corn on the cob,best I've ever had as well as coffee, donuts and a bon fire!!
On saturday we had a tie breaker for the auto balance beam between a club member in his 40 Ford and a fellow from Cranbrook in a Chevelle convertible,,the Chevelle got it done fastest the second time.
I had the opprotunity to do the poker run this year and was impressed with the vender turn out at the swap meet and Jim was saying it was quite busy and looked forward to next year. I'm hoping we can tie the show and the swap meet closer together as I'm sure it could be win-win
for both activities.
Despite the organizational problems which showed up in late awards for which I appologize it was a great show, lots of new cars and old friends,
great burgers,(so I'm told ,never stopped to eat!)But how 'bout a beer garden!!!!!!!!? Anyway thanks again for the support.
Creston Valley Cruisers


Well, I'm all for a beer garden, though I may not be able to enjoy one as much as I used to...:)