451 Mopar, Pump Gas, Flat Tappet Cam, Eddy Heads

I'll put up a few Dyno Sheets here from time to time, more just for what "can" be done in the way of real "street" type Engine Combos, given this is more a street car type forum.
If anybody wishes Drag "Competition" Race Fuel / Alcvohol style builds ? not a problem just ask, We can put those up as well, you name it..."Mopars at the Strip" in Las Vegas Champions, Comp Eliminator, Super-pro, Blown Chev 540's, HEMI's, sportsman Sprints & 360 classes, whatever, been at this 35 years, and everything we do here gets Dyno'd, so hundreds of sheets.

Anyways first up, nice little 451 mopar combo
Eddy Heads, our |Stage 2 "street" port
440 Stock Forged Crank radiused in house to fit the 400 Block (cheaper)
Stock Rods W/arp Bolts
Forged Pistons
Flat Tappet Cam(our Custom grind)

451 Eddy, Solid with Single plane 001.jpg