94 octane


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I searched and found know Chevron in Creston .

Is there any Gas Station in Creston that has 94 Octane ?

Or must import from Cranbrook ? just curious .

Thanks ....Bob


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Ah Good to know ThatAMCGuy thanks !

Wife giving me heck , that I am worried about fuel for my car before we even find a home to move too.

I told her it's as important as having good well water ...heheh


Well, I was just at Porthill, and it looks like the price of 92 is 3.53 a gallon or about 0.94.


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Ok thanks Bob

92 is about 1.47 a liter and 94 is close to 1.60 a liter here in Vancouver

I should be able to run 92 with some lucas octane boost additive or , I do have a boost timing retard wired in to the msd

I can adjust 1 to 5 degrees retard for every lb. of boost

Unless you guys get the drag strip going I will just be cruising anyways ....