AMC, the mystery continues...


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So I've got my AMX on the hoist and its time to do the brakes.. if I'm going to be working on the darn thing it should be able to stop when I need it to! It came with the 4 piston calipers which are about $500 new for the pair (ouch!) and I would like to replace them with the 71-74 single piston style. I asked around the net and got some good advice and I called Dan today to ask if he knew of a parts car since he just did his '70 Rebel. We talked about how Ford might have used some of the same parts (rotors for sure, possibly calipers too?) but he didn't have any leads for me.

If I must, I will upgrade to Wilwood but I hadn't intended on that big of a brakes budget... so if anyone has any good advice on the parts interchangeability or if anyone has any leads on parts or a parts car then please tell me. Thanks in advance!
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you refer to someone named Dan who has just finished doing a Rebel. My friend is in need of a good passeger side front fender for his 1970 Rebel machine restoration. Could you please ask Dan if he has one or knows of one?
Also how did you make out on your search for disk brakes for your AMX?


That would be Dan Mather, and I don't think he has any left over fenders, the car he used was a cream puff and didn't require that type of search. He lives in Wynndel.