Creston Covid Cruise...


Here's what we are doing. On Sunday, May 17, we are going to go to the Ramada at 2:00pm, and at 2:15 we are leaving the lot. There may be just us, or maybe 6-8 vehicles or what ever. We are going on a drive around the Creston area which can be described in three loops (see the map).

The route is on the map which can be downloaded here and the approximate schedule can also be downloaded.

Everyone and anyone is welcome to tag along.
Cars, motorcycles, trucks, 4x4's, sports cars, anything that can be called a special interest vehicle, which just means somebody loves it:) .

For those that cannot open the schedule, here it is:

SUNDAY, MAY 17, 2020
Social distancing is mandatory!
2:00 - Meet at Ramada parking lot and line up. Please stay in your cars!
2:15 - Leave and turn right towards town.
2:19 - Pass Panago
2:25 - Pass Mountain Park Resort (Little John's)
2:27 - Turn left onto Lakeview Arrow Creek rd. and stay on this road.
2:42 - Turn right onto Hwy 3A towards Wynndel. (old pig farm)
2:46 - Turn Left just before Wynndel store onto Lower Wynndel Rd.
2:53 - Turn right onto Hwy 21 at tunnel. Honk horn!
2:54 - Turn left onto Hwy 3
3:01 - Turn left onto West Creston rd. towards Wildlife Centre.
3:06 - Pass the Hall
3:08 - Turn left onto Nick's Island Rd.
3:11 - Turn right onto Hwy 3 at Skyway Esso.
3:16 - Turn right onto Hwy 21 towards USA.
3:20 - Turn left onto Back Erickson Rd.
3:24 - Turn right onto Hwy 3.
3:26 - Turn right at Mountain Park Resort (Little John's) onto Canyon - Lister rd.
3:31 - Pass Canyon school and store.
3:35 - Go left onto Lister rd. and then right at where Lister store was.
3:37 - Turn left onto Sinclair Rd. at where old Coop and School were.
3:40 - Turn right onto 4th St.
3:45 - Turn right onto Hwy 21 at USA border crossing.
3:46 - Honk at Lionel's log house at the right.
3:53 - Cross the bridges.
3:55 - Tour ends at Silver Spoon Cafe (formerly Renee's)
Should there be more than a few cars, try to leave gaps of 200 feet, 60 meters between every 5 or 10 cars to allow traffic to blend.


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