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fred smailes

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Thanks Fred! Can we do it at yours in July? Ernie Restaw has volunteered his for June now.
Looking forward to hosting thurs the 5th
5474 Elsie Holmes Road, Wynndel
We'll be in the small tin covered building in front of the house.
Don't be shy about parking as it is cramped, squeeze in where ever you can
Don't forget your chair!


A couple of days ago, I didn't think I was going to be able to make it, but now I think I will! Looking forward to it.


I had intentions of going, but I jusy insured the bike, and the Wife wanted to go for a, priorities I guess....oh well..nest time...


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For those who haven't been out to my place, the address is 3311 24th st in Lister. It is about one mile straight south of the fire hall at the three way intersection with all the burnouts. They're not from me....they just happen to be there........


Takin' a break for this month I guess.....anyone in for October? My shop looks like Hiroshima after the bomb was dropped...will be at least 2 months before I can host.....:eek:


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Good thinkin' Darrin! bringin' anything for the swap meet?
Dunno. Do you think there'd be much interest in a chubby Doukhobor? I suppose if I sold myself by the pound.... nah. Still would'nt be much market. You ever try to clean one of them bastards? :p