Creston Valley Drag Racing!


Creston Valley Dragracing has been revived!

The Creston Valley Cruisers is going to carry it forward starting with a meeting of all that may be interested.

YOU ARE INVITED! Tell your friends!

The meeting will be held Saturday, March 10, in the meeting room behind the Creston Valley Public library at 10:00 am.


New member
I don't think we will be to make it over the hump this Saturday but we are very interested. What are you thinking 1/8 or 1/4? We like 1/4 but are just happy to have some fun. Cheers everyone. I will help if I can.


Final decisions have not been made on anything except to move forward. The letter to be submitted to the Town of Creston and the Airport Society has been drafted.

One of the first objectives is to quickly increase the club membership to show enthusiastic support for the event to the parties which have to approve it.

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