Devastating Fire

Polara Pat

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Our good friend and crew chief Chris Carlson's shop burned down the other day destroying his livelihood and many beautiful cars from our collection. To start things off I will say that no one was hurt during the incident and the fire was caused by an accidental slash of a late model fuel tank while doing exhaust work.
Now onto the bad news. Everything in and around the shop is a complete loss including my '67 Polara wagon; our '67 Polara race wagon(Demonaco); Chris' '66 Coronet wagon; '66 Belvedere wagon (The Atomic Six) still in the paint booth and being reassembled; '56 Chevy sedan delivery (our next project); '56 GMC 2 ton Duramax project; '67 Monaco wagon; our friend Graham's (330 wagon on this site) '63 330 interior, glass, and new motor from his recent resto Fortunately his car was saved plus a few customers cars. It's safe to say that I still feel sick and the destruction is beyond belief. I am personally invested in four of these cars but still feel so bad for our friend who lost his little empire. Of course the shop is well insured but we'll never get back the quirky items acquired over the years and hours poured into our wrecks that are now lost. Plus most of my cars were not insured. No photos at this point but I'll get some up for the visual impact in the next bit. Fortunately the altered lives at my place so we still have a gem in the stable and still plan on racing Mission at the end of the month.
Again, no one was hurt and material possessions are always replaceable...but it still sucks balls.


I just heard the other day of the heart goes out to all involved.......I am speechless......


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the Cooper family (Jim & Jori) in Kelowna is putting together a fundraiser and auction to raise money to help lighten the burden, i will add more info as i get it.


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Wow thats terrible!! If there is anything i can do just name it, seriously! I will come over and lend a hand however i can.


This type of event is a threat we all fear and it is awful to contemplate it actually happening.
I can feel his pain:(

Polara Pat

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Thanks Paul, nothing can happen until adjusters comb the wreckage but I'm hoping that some of the blocks and diffs can be salvaged. Anything aluminum is just a shiny puddle.


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I feel guilty about Chris saving my chevy, yet so many others lost uninsured cars. It's real sad to see all those old wagons lost. Keep your chin up boys there will be better day ahead.