Drag racing. Anyone want to make it happen yet?


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Hey just checking to see if anyone wants to get some drag racing going out at the airport? There has been a lot of talk, but noone has stepped up yet to take the first steps.


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We tried this twice and never followed through
I also spoke with and had support from the oosoyus group who also use there airport
Insurance is the part that is most costly
The group in melisma has been providing info as well


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But what I don't understand is the fact that the demo derby can function with whatever insurance it has, in frankly, a much more dangerous environment than drag racing ever was. I mean, they're actually trying to wreck their cars, we just want ours to go straight......

So what do they do to still allow it in a day and age that forbids mischief and cheap thrills?
IMO, the basics
1. We would need to form a Registered Club to prove "organization", for the intended activity(Drag Racing).
2. We would need to follow some "accepted" standards/rules for the Activities Actions( Sanctioning Body NHRA or IHRA)
3. Apply for Insurance with the Above.


What is the cost of forming the organization? I guess after that, the idea would be to approach the airport and get tentative approval and what they would expect out of it. Then the insurance step? and cost assessment.
Forming the registered Non-profit organization is not that expensive, and a reasonable "First step" before approaching an Airport Authority for tentative talks.
It further,
adds some credibility to the "Business Plan" in talks with the Airport Authority, that we are not just a "Bunch of Yahoo's", wanting to run the Crap outa our Cars and leave Oil & garbage everywhere.


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But what could be more important than drag racing........? What is required in creating a registered non-profit organization? Where does a guy go to do such a thing?


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I'd love to see this happen and will help if i can, plus participate if possible. For those interested, i put some slicks in the classified section for just such an occassion! There's a small club up north that i used to attend meetings with a few years ago. It is/was called the North Peace Bracket Racing Association and they were allowed to hold their events at the Shell runway (north of Peace River) and then the Fairview, Ab airport with temporary lights and traps PLUS they were allowed to pave an additional section for burnouts! There were some pretty sweet machines that showed up and it was getting bigger all the time, but of course they have oil money on their side... Here is their website: http://www.npbra.ca/site/

Plus, once in a while (maybe even annually nowadays) they have the "Drag Wars" at the Grande Prairie airport (i think). http://www.dragwars.ca/
Seems strange that enough interest to support a coupla events per season, could not be generated throughout the Kootenays as a whole ?

Do many Guys on here have Dedicated Drag Cars ?

What about maybe starting off with a "100 Footer" event, similar to the event Medicine Hat Ab puts on every year ?
Might be a good way to start "small", and gauge interest/support for a Full 1320 Drag event ?
I still got a 727 W/Brake/5500 stall I'd throw in my car just to do some "stunting" for 100 Ft ?
Lord knows,
THAT 100ft, is about as far as my terd Challenger could go safely ?


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About anything is better than what we have now....I'm certainly willing to support the cause according to how much time I can spare for it!

Polara Pat

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I like the way this is heading. I think one of the hardest things to do here would be organizing a dedicated committee that makes all of the necessary decisions instead of a bunch of gear heads with good intentions and no real leadership. (Not that I'm talking about us) Talking with small track organizers like Thunder Mtn and Osoyoos is a good start and they're all really good people. Osoyoos may have high insurance but they still keep the costs down ($10.00 spectators, $25.00 per car) so it helps bring in the locals that probably wouldn't bother if it was $15 or $20 to check it out.

We're closing in on finishing our second dedicated drag car so I'll be watching this closely. Let me know how I can help.