GS gets 8 track


Trying to keep thatamcguy happy :

I got an original (almost) am/fm for my '67 GS. Paid dearly for it, but they are hard to find. I expect they are similar to other delco radios except for the front plate with the visuals which is on an odd angle only found in the GS (as far as I can see). It looks presentable, and of course when it showed up I found the string for the needle was broken and the am/fm switch needed some attention. It didn't have a fader! I discovered all am/fm and probably others were wired for the fader, but when not ordered, they simply jumped it. I was lucky, the radio that came with the car had a fader which I simply plugged in. Its in my car now and sounding good with the original speakers!

Anyone want a Custom Auto Sound? :)