I Don't Understand the Point?

Yep, too funny !

Same as guys falling for the BIG NUMBER on a FlowBench ? NOT realizing the BIG number(usually at peak lift), can mean squat !
the Camshaft only goes "there" ONCE ...... but spends time on the way "up" and "down" at lower lifts TWICE !
The AVERAGE and mid-lifts is what counts, and at the highest possible velocity !

GAWD I love our new SuperFlow SF750 FlowBench.... NO more hand calcs.... NO more by guess by golly.... Port Velocity, Tumble, Swirl, it's ALL there !
so much more sensitive to small changes than our old bench.
SuperFlow SF750 002.jpg


Pretty nice toy:)

I bought a book on building a flow bench, it was interesting. I saw one owned by a machinist North of Calgary (wouldn't be surprised if you knew him. He had some pretty interesting equipment including a bench for seasoning blocks etc.

I am afraid I am stuck in the guess and by golly world.....:(