Kootenai Falls Cruise

fred smailes

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Just wanted to invite everyone on this forum out to a cruise.
We are all gearheads at some level so we have a common call. We usually only see one another
at shows which is great but there is limited time to hang and usually no time to cruise.

Thats what this tour is about, drivin, hangin and eatin. The stops are to gather and
chat maybe a pic or 2 then off to the next stop.
I see this as a great time for those who like to drive their stuff. It might not be
great for the 1000hp muscle car or the trailered show car, I think this run is for
the machines that make up the bulk of Show and Shines but take home the least trophies.

So for the drivers

We gather at 3Mile at 10:30 or so, go through Bonners Ferry and maybe grab a
coffee or whatever at one of the Rodbender's supporters and through Elmira to Sandpoint
about 40 miles. We gather somewhere( I need to contact Home Depot yet) there for say an hour. Gives people time to hit Wally world or a favorite spot for lunch. maybe just hang out with the guy parked next to you find out what the fellow's runnin that passed you with the stunning exhaust note.
In no time we'll be off down highway 200 about 30 miles to the Hydro electric dam with it's
great overviews, interesting sights and photo opps or 10 miles farther at the junction of
highway 56 there's a ice-cream cone stop lots of parking and some old, maybe 1930's
trucks that would make a great backdrop for group photos.
By 2pm we could be on our way up 56 to highway 2 and on to the Kootenai Falls for a bring your own
picknic-bbq. Maybe gather up for a cruise through Libby for the fun of it.
This'll be great fun with very little organizing,no trophies, no headaches just
like minded people gathering.
I've contacted Libby, Bonners, Cranbrook about this run but it wouldn't be limited to
anyone, the more the merrier!. I think we could fill the parking lot at the falls!
This event will be held July 24th. If you know of other clubs and/or individuals who would be interested just forward this note and/or they can contact me.
Fred Smailes
250.866.5112 or

fred smailes

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I'll be pounding out posters with times etc as it gets closer. Getting lots of feed back,
50 to 100 cars should be easy. Haven't seen any other events around on that date.

fred smailes

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I have been in contact with Home Depot in Sandpoint and they are excited to have us
fill up the west end of their lot. But, the ice-cream stop at the jct of 200 and 56
is closed on sundays.
Bill Dewald of Lordco informed me of a neat side trip on highway 56 called the
Ross Creek Cedars. I stopped to check it out but the road is still snow covered
part way up.