Machine Shop Services Offered

What we do in house....
* Boring & Honing on SUNNEN Cylinder King, T/Plates for ALL Domestic North American V8's, SB/LS & BB to 4.600", SBF & BBF to 4.600", SB & BB/HEMI Mopar to 4.560", Pontiac, Olds.
* Block Line Honing on SUNNEN CH100
* Block Cylinder Wall Sonic Testing on Stresstell.
* Block Milling on Storm Vulcan,18" Cutter W/16 Indexable Carbides and Infinately Variable Speed to sub 50ra
* Head Milling on Variable PCD and Cubic Boron Nitride(CBN) to sub 30ra
* Crankshaft / Engine Balancing on Fentech DCB, Fentech Bobweights
* Rod ReSizing/Bushing/Pin-Fitting on SUNNEN
* Head Rebuilding using 3D Fastcut & SUNNEN VGS Tooling
* Cylinder Head Porting
* Cylinder Head R&D on SuperFlow SF750 Digital W/FlowCom

Complete Blueprinted "you build it" Machine Pkg's available for the DIY Guys