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Hello All

So stumbled across this site by accident and thought what a great idea for a Canuck car!

My name doesn't describe my interest in any particular brand of car as I appreciate almost. Each is different, unique, and have styles of their owns. Sometimes I wonder about some projects and the direction their owners are going but each to their own....I'm sure people wonder about my project too!

I am currently working on a 1964 Skylark convertible, it has a '65 front clip, a dash from a '65 Beaumont, powered by a 355 TPI equiped SBC and a plethora of other changes and modifications.

Also own a 1948 Willys Overlander station wagon that will also become unique when I get around to it!

When I was 'younger' I was into the VW scene and had a '69 Karmann Ghia, '65 Bug convertible, '54 Sunroof Bug, '56 Oval Window, and my pride and joy a '53 'Zwitter' Bug....

So thats it.....look forward to watching this site and seeing what else is going in the Canadian car scene!



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65 front clip eh, wouldn't be off a blue 4dr special would it? Good to see ya again and welcome to the site... i have a few pieces left of a 64 and 65 fyi ;)


Welcome to the site! Hope you enjoy it. Notice the "Garage" link in the navbar:)

Drew A

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Why yes the parts are off a '65 the rear bumper too!
I am interested in what you have left from the Skylarks....

Heading to Nelson this weekend for the show, you going to be there?